Welcome parents, teachers, school administration and anyone looking for graphic-based materials for youth, young adults and their parents.  These resources include difficult subjects related to growing up, coping with Covid 19, mental health and mental illness. 

We encourage you to post, share and distribute these resources throughout the school year.  As always, MHA of Lancaster County can provide, or guide you to another community organization to provide, mental health-related:

  • Speakers
  • Presentations
  • Materials and Resourcess
  • One-to-One Advocacy or Guidances
  • Training for Adults, Staff and Classrooms

Please reach out to start a conversation with Kim McDevitt or Charlotte Leckow at mha@mhalancaster.org or 717-397-7461.

Fact Sheets

FACT SHEET: Dealing with Potential Exposure – The Stress of Physically Reopening Schools (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Teachers – Protecting Your Mental Health (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Teachers and Parents – Working Together To Make Distance Learning Work (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Know The Signs – Recognizing Mental Health Concerns in Kids and Teens (PDF)

FACT SHEET: Missing How Things Used To Be (PDF)

FACT SHEET: What Can I Do When I’m Afraid (PDF)

FACT SHEET: How To Maintain Your Social Relationships During Online School (For Kids and Teens) (PDF)

WORKSHEET: Dealing with Tough Situations (PDF)

Full Back To School Toolkit 2020

2020 Back to School Toolkit from MHA (PDF)

Social Media and E-Mail Blasting Images

Pandemic Signs A Child is Struggling Image

Covid and Chronic Loneliness Image

Coping During Covid Isolation Image

Mental Health Screening Tool

Coping During Covid Screening Image

If you are unable to copy or download an image, please contact Charlotte Leckow at mha@mhalancaster.org for an emailed image.

MHA Screenings

Mental Health Screening

Bundle of Free Counseling, Support Groups and Financial Assistance Solutions

Bundle Of Solutions