Yoga: Namaste Calm

Yoga Infograph

Yoga is rising in popularity as more people discover its physical and mental health benefits . There really is no reason to not do yoga, so what’s stopping you? If you’re intimidated, don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. However, you have to start somewhere and even the most flexible “yogis” started off stiff and inexperienced. Yoga can do some powerful things for your mind, body, and soul. 

Mental Health Benefits:

Stress Reduction- Yoga will reduce stress, anxiety, improve mood, and boost your overall sense of wellbeing. For other ways to reduce stress, read our blog post on stress here. 

Help Manage other Mental Illnesses- Studies have proven that yoga helps alleviate symptoms that coincide with depression, insomnia, and generalized anxiety disorders. 

Physical Health Benefits:


Improve General Fitness- The balance, core strength, and flexibility that yoga requires will make you a stronger person, improving your ability to do other activities. A strong core is really the root to success in multiple sports and exercises. 

Healthy Heart & Body- Yoga can help you lose weight, maintain a balanced metabolism, and help you have good cardio and circulatory health.

The physical and mental health benefits are numerous. Those lists could go on and on but if you’re still looking for a reason to do it, check out this site here.  

Mental Health America of Lancaster County is bringing back their Office Yoga workshop again. For more information on this event, please visit the event page here