Scooter Haase, Executive Director

ScooterWhat I like about working for MHALC: knowing that the work we do here helps people with nowhere else to go.

I maintain my mental health by: relaxing with my wife, Deb.

Books I recommend: When Helping Hurts (Fickert, et al.), Toxic Charity (Lupton)

Interesting fact about me: I’ve lived in 10 cities in 5 different states. I serve as adjunct faculty at HACC teaching astronomy.

Gretchen Gaudioso, Client and Family Advocate

IMG_3724I can help you: navigate the system to get the help that you or a loved one needs. I can help you apply for social security or medical assistance. I can help you if you were mistreated because of your mental illness. I can be an educational advocate for you and your child, helping you to navigate the complicated special education system. I can do presentations in high schools, elementary schools, workplaces, churches, community groups, and about anything regarding mental health and mental wellness.

What I like about working for MHALC: Being able to work somewhere that let’s me think outside of the box. I like to meet people where they are in their life, at that moment and help them move forward.

In my spare time, I like to: go on long hikes with my boyfriend and dog Leon Redbone. Watching football NFL or college (go WVU!)

My dream vacation: Taking off for a month (or two or three) and doing a serious road trip across the US. Just my boyfriend, Leon, and me. Hmmmm sounds more like a lifestyle than vacation!

Sue Tushingham, Peer Educator

img_5373I can help you: Connect to valuable resources in the community and help you navigate through confusing systems & paperwork.  I can also share my own story with you or a community group you’re involved with in order to help promote a sense of faith and hope. 

What I like about working for MHALC: Helping others, educating the community on mental health issues, and bringing a sense of hope and faith to people.

In my spare time, I like to: Hike, bike ride, spend time with family & friends, watch movies, and play cards. 

Interesting fact about myself:  I grew up in an old stone house near Gettysburg.  The house was built in 1806.

Joe Mills, Compeer Program Manager

I can help you: with anything related to Compeer Lancaster & questions related to mental health needs.

I maintain my mental health by: Reading, exercising, eating right, my spirituality, enjoying wonderful friendships!

My first job: Self-employed during my Junior high years—mowing lawns in Orlando, FL. (yes, we had power lawn mowers back then—gasoline .25 per gal!!)

Interesting fact about me: I’ve been a twin all my life.

In my spare time I like to: Explore my hobby of photography!

Best advice I’ve ever received: From my Grandmother: Do the best that I can each day, so that I can put my head down at night knowing that I did my best.

Kaitlin Specht, Marketing Coordinator

What I like about working for MHALC: being a part of an amazing group of people and helping those who benefit from our programs to live a mentally fulfilling life.

In my spare time I like to: go on very long walks, read, and explore Lancaster.

Interesting fact about myself: I use to be able to flip pizzas in the air when I worked at a pizzeria.

My dream vacation: spending it at the Bahamas, listening to Jimmy Buffet and singing Margaritaville all day long.

Carol Bowman, Administrative Assistant

What I like about working for MHALC is: The mission of helping individuals and families to experience lives that are mentally healthy, and of supporting people who struggle with mental illness, is one that has been close to my heart for many years. I like being a part of the great team of people here who are working to provide resources to assist that mission in the Lancaster community.

I maintain my mental health by: Maintaining a daily meditation practice, journaling, and getting outside to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the natural world.

Interesting fact about me: Wherever I travel, I like to bring home rocks and stones to remember the places I’ve been.

In my spare time I like to: Read, write, paint, make jewelry, cook – doing anything creative makes me happy!

Peggy Shaffer, Accountant, CPA

What I like about working for MHALC: The staff is comprised of great individuals who work very well together.

I maintain my health by: Meditation and yoga.

My first job: Public Accounting Firm.

Interesting fact about myself: I am a registered yoga instructor.

In my spare time I like to: Read, do yoga, try new recipes, and garden.

Best advice I’ve ever received: Be present in this moment.

April Leaman, Support Group Administrator

What I like about working for MHALC is: The people and witnessing others move forward in their recovery.

I maintain my mental health by: Staying active and exercising, listening to and playing music is rather therapeutic for me, spending time outside and with my family and loved ones, and probably most importantly, laughing, mostly at myself.

Interesting fact about me: When I was 5 years old, I began raising sheep on my family’s small farm.

In my spare time I like to: Cook and bake, read, write, exercise, and chase after my very active daughter.