Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition educates communities on the prevalence of suicide, risk factors and empowers awareness to eliminate suicide in our communities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to eliminate suicide by inspiring hope through education and advocacy. Together, we envision a responsive, compassionate community that inspires hope and strength and promotes the well being of all.

Toward those ends, we are dedicated to educating our community on the prevalence of suicide, including risk factors, and creating awareness that removes the stigma of suicide and leads to its elimination. In addition, we seek to support individuals and families impacted by suicide and direct them to the help needed to support their journey through grief and towards healing.

Behind all of our work lie our core values:

  • No Shame
  • Early Prevention
  • Affirming Worth & Dignity
  • Inspiring Hope
  • Compassionate Support
  • Engaging Partners
  • Accountability

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