Video Games: An undeniable Scapegoat?

Video game poster
One of the most notorious games for violence.

Music, television, movies, and video games. All four of them are common now and a good number of people have access to them in the United States. Video games have the most negative coverage from the media out of the four. This is either a good or bad thing. Depending on how you look at it. To me, negative coverage and using video games as a scapegoat is not good. Video games are forms of art.  Are they scapegoats? Of are they art? I am going to give you the facts, and let you decide for yourself.



Depression, the continued battle

I suffer from chronic depression. A lot of people do. What we do about it when we have it is different for a lot of people as well. What I want to look at today is the core of depression. I will use myself as an example for this, and I intend to craft a story for you. the reader, on how I dealt with and continue to deal with depression. 



Positive thinking, why should you do it

positive thinking helps
Try to think positive more often.

I will be the first to admit that I need to take care of myself better. One thing that I need to work on is positive thinking. It is an important part of self-image that I have been neglecting as of late. One way to remedy this is by writing this post to remind myself. So, what is positive thinking?

Is it not obvious?

While the answer itself is obvious, the application of the practice is what eludes a lot of people. Like I said before, I am not a shining example of someone who is a positive thinker. At least, that is , when it concerns myself. When it comes to other people, I care more about how they are doing. That is where my mistake lies. I need to help myself before I help others. It may sound selfish to some of you, but think of it like this. If I am miserable and cannot be civil, why would that make anyone around me want to be civil to me? 

Being civil comes easy to me, and being nice to people comes easier. I am told that I am a nice person that people like to be around. Where is the problem with that then? The problem is that I do not believe what others tell me about myself. I do not think I am good company, but I keep a facade up to make it seem like I am fine. Which, most of the time, I am not. My depression is high, my anxiety is high, and I have extreme social phobia. 

How to start positive thinking habits

There are ways to train yourself to think positive, and I have found a good resource to get you started. From what I know from past experience, is you have to form a habit to think positive. It might be hard to drown out all of those negative thoughts and feelings, but I have noticed that if you counter a negative thought with the positive opposite it may help. An example of this is the glass being half full or half empty. Saying half full means you are thinking positive, half empty means you are thinking negative. I tend to be of the half empty thought myself, but I recognize that it is something that I should work on. 

I am sure there are other ways to think positive, but you have to figure out what works best for you. Forming a habit of thinking positive is a great start. At least that is my belief. I am no doctor or psychiatrist; I just know what I have been through and how I got through it.

How did I get through the negative barrier

Willpower helped me a lot. I was in a place where I never thought anything good of myself. Remnants of myself from back then still exist, but for the most part I think positive. I still have work to do on it though. In admitting that I have taken the first step to getting better. The most important step is to acknowledge you need help. When I was able to do that I became much more insightful and thoughtful when it came to myself.

The negative barrier that is in the heading above was the first real obstacle for me. All I had were negative thoughts, I did not think of myself as someone able to jump the hurdle of depression. The same can be said for the anxiety, fear, and autism that I have. I have become more confident in myself and my ability to cope with whatever comes my way. 

Final Thoughts on positive thinking

I do not know if I have said this in a previous post, but I think that all of us need to take the time to look at ourselves. We need to ask the question, “Am I happy?” If the answer is no then I want you to start looking at what you think you can do for yourself that might help. There are a lot of resources for this in Lancaster county. So please, seek out the help that you need. I promise it will be better. Remember, positive thinking can become a foundational support for yourself. If you need more help, please consider using our support groups as a resource. Thank you so much for reading!


Panic Attacks, what they are and how to help people having them

I do not know the medical cause of a panic attack. I do not want to know the medical cause of a panic attack. If you want to know the definition of a panic attack I can direct you to a website that will help you. At MHA Lancaster there are support groups for anxiety. From my experience, dealing with anxiety is a lot like dealing with panic attacks. It is hard and sometimes you will feel like you cannot get through it. You can get through it though, believe me on this one. There is hope.

Hope on the horizon, do not let a panic attack control you.

Hope is on the horizon. Panic attacks do not control you!



Stigma, what it is and why it needs stopped

Stigma can feel like a losing battle.

Stigma, defined as, “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person,” is an ugly word. This word is needed to describe a culture that has developed in the world. This culture has become better as of the last 50 years or so, but we are still a long way off. The culture I speak of is the categorization and dismissal that those with physical and mental disabilities have been forced to endure.



Anxiety, who, what, where, when, why, and how?

Anxiety Cloud
Sometimes with anxiety, you will feel like there is no hope. There is hope, believe me, I know these things.

Anxiety, everyone has it, and everyone deals with it. How we deal with it can be different for everyone. The way I deal with my anxiety is by distracting myself from it. Using resources such as books and video games. Something to distract away from the anxiety. This method is not a surefire effective and it is temporary. Dealing with the source of anxiety can sometimes be hard and distraction in the initial stages can help. I will go into more detail on dealing with anxiety head on later in this post. For now, what is anxiety? 



Social Wellness, nurturing this skill in College

As many of you who read here know, I have autism. Which has had a profound impact on my social wellness. Social wellness is part of the seven dimensions of wellness. One that I have a lot of trouble developing. Blaming this underdevelopment on autism is wrong. It is a main contributor, but not the cause. Over my life span, which is only 25 years, I have had opportunities to nurture my social wellness. I never approached those opportunities. That is, until recent events. These events took place over the course of my college career so far. I want to examine these integral parts of my history in an attempt to prove a point.